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#dubcon mention


the one Bruce/Dick doujin i’ve found and it’s dubcon with Dick as the aggressor. i just… can’t get behind such a book when my brain is screaming that it’s all wrong. man today is just full of all sorts of iffy surprises: first the colton thing and now my OTP in a way I can’t get my head around… What next? What next…

Hmm. I always prefer the more traditionally “nice” partner as the aggressor. I like the reversed power dynamic. Granted, I get what you mean about Bruce/Dick because it’s hard to envision Bruce any other way than as the most dominant partner. But, in general, this is my preference, and I tend to get a lot of complaints when I write fic because ppl are like, why is X on top and not Y?



This just makes me upset. It’s so untrue. It wasn’t rage that brought Jason to that place, or rage that made him run into that warehouse. It was love, and fear for someone else’s safety. To say that he never exhibited any other qualities, like intelligence or fighting skill or even stuff like loyalty and love is just beyond unfair! When he “killed” the diplomat’s son, yes, he was angry, but it wasn’t just that he was an angry guy. He was frustrated at a justice system that failed to protect its weakest citizens - a frustration mind you that Bruce shares, hence being Batman in the first place. The difference is that Jason was raised by a petty criminal and a junkie - his moral fibre was weak to begin with. Then Batman laid his own layer of crazy and distorted ideals on top of an already structurally unsound moral code, and voila! You get a really conflicted kid who believes wholeheartedly in Batman’s cause but doesn’t understand why all the moral constraints are necessary.

Jason’s disobedience and bad attitude had more to do with this internal conflict and confusion than anything else. The problem is that instead to talking to him about it, Bruce just kept grinding him down harder and harder, trying to force him to fit the mould that Dick created. This led to frustration and feelings of inadequacy that eventually turned into rage and resentment. So fuck you, Bruce, it’s your fucking fault!